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Virginia Episcopal Scouting Association

The Virginia Episcopal Scouting Association exists to provide resources for Christian Scouts and Scouters throughout the State of Virginia.

Each year, the Association provides God & Country classes for all Protestant youth during the fall and winter and non-denominational Duty to God Religious Emblems Awareness training at the Heart of Virginia Council Cub Adventure Camp during summer sessions.

Be sure to click on our menu items to find out more information about our educational programs.

About our Logo: George Washington was a famous American, but specifically a Virginian and an Episcopalian. Our logo shows him in prayer (presumably at Valley Forge) and is a fitting reminder of our Duty to God and Country.

About the Stained Glass: Dedicated in 1966 in Trinity Episcopal Church, Torrington, CT to the service of 30+ year Scoutmaster Seymour F. Weeks on the anniversary of the 50th year of Troop 2. Click on image for more details.
Stained Glass

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